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Member Spotlights
Member Spotlight
Welcome to our Member Spotlight Page where you
can get to know some of our many members
from clubs all over District 5910. 
Phil Shackleford
Phil was introduced to Rotary in 2007 by a work colleague, Lindsey Davis Stover who had been a member of the Rotary Club of Bryan.  Phil was taking on her position as a
Field Representative for Congressman Chet Edwards in Bryan /College Station.  Ms Stover was leaving the region to attend the Harvard Kennedy School of Government.  Phil
was also inspired by the late Jim Simpson, a longtime Rotarian who had 40 years of perfect attendance as well as Hugh Walker, Bunny Pratt, and a few others who led an orientation
at the time.  No immediate family members had been Rotarians, but Phil later learned that his wife’s grandfather was a life-long Rotarian in the Rotary Club of Cameron Texas.  Phil
has been a member of the Aggieland Club since 2016.
Phil has served on the board of the Rotary Club of Aggieland as a Membership Director, Public Image Director, President Elect, President and most proudly a Past President.  He
currently serves as the Rotary Foundation Director the Aggieland Club.  He served as an Assistant Governor for three years (2016-2019) at the District level supporting the Aggieland,
Bryan, College Station, and Huntsville Clubs.  He has assisted District Governor Becky Mason and Past District Governor Brenda Walker with a District Wide Fundraising Initiative in 2020 culminating with a virtual visit with RI President Holger Knaack.
Phil says, “I believe I have received much more from Rotary International and the clubs that I have been privileged to interact with than I will ever truly be able to give back to the
Family of Rotary. “  Phil joined Rotary for meaningful professional relationships, career development, and although he genuinely enjoyed the meaningful service opportunities, he
struggled to find his place in his early days in Rotary.  He says, “I would attend lunch regularly, meet new people, but I really did not engage fully for several years.  I was a member
of a Rotary Club, and now am a Rotarian thankful for continuous developmental plateaus along my “Rotary Journey.”
More importantly, he feels fulfilled in having opportunities to engage in meaningful service to others here at home and abroad.  He says, “The opportunity to be a part of meaningful
projects such as the Rotary Club of Aggieland’s successful Rotary Foundation International Grant, funding dental chairs and other medical equipment to a low-income, public hospital
in Argentina, was impactful.  The experience of stepping into a club anywhere in the world from Edinburgh Scotland, to my home club in Aggieland Bryan/College Station Texas, or in
Cuzco, Peru and finding people of like mind seeking to do good in the world; reinforces the values and beliefs of international unity toward positive impact.  The fact that we as
Rotarians can experience connections to others holding similar uniting beliefs, such as the principle of service above self, truly provides perspective on what it means to be a Rotarian,
the unit of impact within the body of Rotary International.”
Phil appreciates the opportunity to visit numerous Rotary Clubs across the Country and around the world and…“It has been fulfilling to travel to a few Rotary International
Conventions, and participate in a number of Rotary District Conferences.”
In 2012, shortly after marrying Kyndra, the love of his life, they found themselves on their honeymoon in Scotland, exploring the countryside, visiting various distilleries, golf courses,
taking in many sights and attending the Rotary Club of Edinburgh.  They were greeted at the door of what he recalls to be the St. James Hotel by a “wee dram” of whisky, wonderful conversations, and invited to be seated for the meal.  “Kyndra and I found ourselves seated next to a man who significantly resembled her grandfather.  Her grandfather, in his 90’s,
had recently passed away after a long, fulfilling life and successful career in education culminating in his service as a superintendent.  Kyndra’s family heritage goes back to the Ancient Scottish Clans, Clan MacLaren.  Believe it or not, the gentleman to his right was a MacLaren.  “We had a wonderful conversation, and observed mannerisms of Kyndra’s Grandfather, for example, “…in a very dignified way, ordering ice cream to go with his glass of red wine.  He also mentioned his concern of people eating too much, adjusting his belt to the smallest notch. 
It was heartwarming to us to travel across an ocean and be with Rotarians while also being reminded of her Rotarian Grandfather.”  The club, the home club of the late Prince Philip and numerous dukes, duchesses, lords, and ladies, was celebrating their 100th anniversary.  Phil was able to do a banner exchange, and purchased a tie to remember this memorable trip.  Phil says, “They loved my accent, and I loved theirs.”   
Phil is a passionate Rotarian.  Here is his response when asked about Rotary moments: After joining the Rotary Club of Aggieland, I was quickly provided with the opportunity to serve on
the board, and soon after that, the opportunity to serve as President.  The Rotary Club of Aggieland is a small, but mighty club.  As with any small club, sometimes it is difficult to ensure there
is strong succession even with planning and passion.  I had determined I was ready to consider taking on serving as President, and was quickly embraced by my club.  I was then given the
opportunity to attend the President Elect Training Seminar (PETS).  Honestly, I was a little on the fence about how PETS would truly prepare me for serving my club.  Wow, was I wrong.  After
attending PETS, meeting likeminded Rotarians, and hearing engaging speakers; I came home to my club with a fresh perspective, and energized to reinvigorate our club.  PETS was absolutely
one of my Rotary Moments.  I saw how all the pieces came together and I wanted to share that passion with my club.
In 2016, I was asked to participate in PETS Assistant Governor (AG) Training after being asked to serve as AG for DG Rhonda Herrington.  I was excited to work with the Aggieland, Bryan,
College Station, and Huntsville Clubs.  Suzi Howe, who would later serve as the Vice Chair of the End Polio Now effort and on the Board of Directors of Rotary International was our facilitator. 
Wow!  I walked away from this training energized, ready to share my passion, and ready to make a positive difference in our world through Rotary.  At AG training I committed to give through
Rotary Direct to the Rotary Foundation, and continue to give to this day.  Why did I give?  I gave because I was directly and impactfully asked, and I continue to give today because of the value
I see in what is possible for our clubs, Rotarians, and the world through the work of the Rotary Foundation.
I’ve had a number or Rotary Moments on my Rotary Journey and I am confident I will look back at the opportunity to serve as District Governor and find Rotary Moments that will define the
future of my Rotary Journey!
Phil feels as passionately about the 4-way test and has a plaque displayed in a place of prominence in his place of work or personal offices.  Whether a staffer in a Congressional
Office, a consultant within his own office, or when he worked for a local community college, the 4-way test complements his internal compass.  Whether engaged in campaign politics, government consulting, fundraising, or an entrepreneurial ventures, he strives to incorporate the 4-way test into his decision making and actions.  He says, “I’ve long held the belief
that the 4-way test is the perfect framework for an imperfect person in a complex world. “
Many years ago, Phil observed RYLA and found it to be amazing.  He found it to be empowering to see how the young men and women attending RYLA evolve from their arrival to their departure.  He loved the skits, and the projects.  Phil feels it is an incredibly meaningful program, and look forward to participating with RYLA more in the future.
In closing Phil says that, “…has been a huge part of my life.  Rotary has afforded me the opportunity to connect with Rotarians in Aggieland, across our district, and around the world. 
It is my sincere hope that I can assist Rotarians in finding their passion aligned with Rotary.  When we find our passion, we by nature do more, and we will give more to support that