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Member Spotlight
Welcome to our Member Spotlight Page where you
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Uliana Trylowsky
Uliana learned about Rotary in 2004 from the individual she was replacing in a new job.  The employee had been in Rotary and suggested joining as it would help Uliana make connections to further promote the non-profit organization she was heading.  Uliana quickly realized that Rotary was made up of wonderful people who make a difference in the world.  What started out as a business strategy turned into a love affair with Rotary. 
Uliana has influenced other family members.  Soon after she joined Rotary, her brother-in-law joined a Club in Dallas and her father joined a Club in Vancouver, Canada.  Her father was very active until his death in 2018.  He served as Club President and participated in several projects in Ukraine that his Club supported.  Uliana’s Rotary experience has also been busy, she has served on the board, been Vice-President (21-22), served on many committees, and been Chair of the Club’s Polio efforts.
Uliana was very moved when her Club agreed to undertake the Stand With Ukraine project earlier this year.  The Club raised over $60,000 to help the Rotary Club Lviv International.  As a daughter of Ukrainian immigrants and a former resident of Kyiv, Ukraine (1992-95), she feels that this was a pivotal moment in her Rotary experience.  It showed her that through Rotary members can really make a difference!
As a development officer for Lamar University, the 4-way test is very important to Uliana.  She refers to it frequently to ensure that she is doing the right thing in supporting her employer as well as representing the interests of donors.  (She also found it to be very effective with her children when they were little)!
Although she has not participated in RYLA directly, her daughter attended RYLA in 2018, and then returned as a Rotaractor (while in University) to volunteer at the event.  She loved it and still talks fondly about her experience.
Uliana says, “...I have gained many friends; I have learned much from the friends I have in Rotary - both professionally and personally; I have enjoyed the projects we support and feel like I'm contributing to something larger than my club.  I continue because I believe in the ideals that Rotary stands for and I respect Rotary’s leadership on issues like polio eradication, climate change, etc.”