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Member Spotlight
Welcome to our Member Spotlight Page where you
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Scott Lambert
The Rotary Club of Cleveland

Scott Lambert was introduced to Rotary by Tommy Dunn and Buck Anderson in 2008.  Scott was new to town and looking for a way to meet people.  He is a first-generation Rotarian. Since joining Rotary, he has served as Club President three times (currently in that role).  Scott had been a Director for an Avenue of Service and been involved with the interview process and the transportation of students for their RYLA weekend. Scott says that Rotary has helped him as a person and to truly know the meaning of service before self.  

He is inspired every time his Club awards a scholarship to a high school senior knowing that the investment will help to shape the student’s future. He is humbled by the difference his Club makes in the world when a water well is funded.  He is reminded how much is taken for granted when his Club ships t-shirts overseas to be used to make diapers; how things as trivial as that can make the lives of others easier.  Scott appreciates how his club comes together to do what they can to improve their community and the world.  He knows that even a small club can make a difference.  Scott continues to be a member because his Club continues to do projects that make a difference.  Scott considers the members as a part of his life. 

Scott enjoys what he calls the “Wow!” factor.  He shares the Wow factor whenever he is asked about Rotary.  He loves to brag about his Club.  He has incredible memories of two Rotary mentors, Tommie Daniel and Hal McClelland.  Scott worked on the Club’s baseball tournament with them.  Scott feels that the 4-way test is all about integrity and it is the foundation for both his professional and personal life.
Thank you for your service to Rotary.