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Member Spotlights
Member Spotlight
Welcome to our Member Spotlight Page where you
can get to know some of our many members
from clubs all over District 5910. 
Nancy Dickey
Nancy was introduced to Rotary by a neighbor ( Fain MacDougal), when she and her husband (Frank) moved to College Station.  It took a few months but MacDougal was persistent and finally in 2001 Nancy and Frank relented and joined the College Station Rotary       Club.  Nancy states, “It has been a wonderful experience and we owe thanks to Fain.”  Since joining, both a son and daughter have also joined a Rotary Club.
Nancy believes in community service and giving back to the community in which she lives.  She was already familiar with Rotary having been a speaker to Rotary clubs across the US and feels that the Rotary mantra is exceptional – words to live by.  So, with an invitation from a neighbor, it seemed like a good vehicle by which to give back.
Nancy has always been active “in the background.”  She and Frank have hosted club get togethers at their home.  And for the last 4 years she has created the weekly bulletin that shares club activities, speakers, thanks for service by members.  Ten months ago she agreed to step up and begin the journey through the leadership chairs beginning in 2021-2022 as Vice President.
Through her involvement with Rotary, Nancy has developed exceptional friends and had the pleasure of working side by side with them on so very many wonderful community projects.  She has been lead on scheduling speakers for several periods of time and it is tremendously enlightening to seek community leaders and programs to share with the club.  Nancy is proud to be a part of an exceptional organization that is committed to service and leadership.
There are many Rotary moments, “…for example, sharing a cancer cure with a Rotary friend, laughing delightedly at the antics of a Rotary spouse leading Christmas carols, a hug by a child for whom Rotary has provided clothing as a Christmas present, a prideful sign as we swing open the Fun for All Playground gates – a playground particularly designed to allow children of all ages and all abilities to enjoy playing, and the brain-child of one of our members, built in partnership with several community organizations.”
Nancy has had the honor of serving in leadership in many organizations and many roles and feels that the 4 way test is applicable to every one of those roles from interacting with her grandchildren to serving in an advisory role with the Department of Defense.  “It is a useful guide to every role I can imagine and even serves to help recruit new members as they are impressed with the depth of commitment demonstrated by those simple words.”
Nancy has been a part of the support system that has recruited students to participate in RYLA and has provided transportation for students to and from the conference.  She has had the chance to stand in the back and watch closing ceremonies and hear the delightful stories as the kids chatter on their way home.
"There are many hard-working Rotarians in the College Station club who have stepped up time and again into leadership, service, and friendship.  I am honored and humbled to be spotlighted."