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Almost  ONE BILLION   adults and children around the world are unable to read or write
In an assessment by the National Center for Education Statistics (NCES) in January, 2009, in  26 counties in District 5910 - the percentage of adults who could not read a newspaper range from 12% to 22%. 
We in Texas have a job to do and Rotarians can do it best!
~ Encourage your school districts to donate out-of-adoptions books for Books for the World project
~ Make sure every newborn in your local hospital goes home with a new  book
~ Mentor  pre-schoolers thru third grade
~ Volunteer to read at the Library's storytime
~ Donate books to your public libraries and to school libraries
~ Tutor an adult one-to-one in Basic English
~ Tutor a class of adults in English as a Second Language
~ Conduct a vocational service literacy project
~ Have a book sale and donate the proceeds
~ Encourage schools to participate in Accelerated Reading Programs - a donate prizes for the winners
~ Give every graduating high school senior a good dictionary on CD
For more ideas and information contact:  Jan Ricketts, District Literacy Chair