In order to apply for a District Grant, Clubs must have completed the necessary grants training, must have an MOU (Memorandum of Understanding) on file with the District.  

District Grants for 2020-2021

Please link below to read the Grant Guidelines and
locate the form to use to submit a grant request
by 1 September 2020 for the 2020-21 year:
Walter Hinkle is handling the grant requests and Bobby Chapman, Rotary Club of Spindletop (Beaumont), will close the grants.
The deadline for submitting a district grant request is September 1
The total DDF available for District Grants is approximately $60,000. The maximum match from the district is $3,000, with a minimum of $1,000, equal to the club contribution.  
We will analyze the grant requests, using the club’s contribution to the Annual Fund over the past three Rotary years.  Since this year is not closed, we will look at year-to-date contributions, but that would be used as a secondary guideline.
The Microsoft Word document available on the link above is for submission of your requests.  If you submit the grant request using the Word document, you will need to have it signed, and then scanned and submitted.
Announcement of awards and recipient clubs will be made in September.
For more information or answers to questions about submitting a grant application, contact Walter Hinkle:

Phone:    (855)775-4800
Direct:     (979)361-3301
Address:  2405 Texas Avenue South, Suite 306
College Station, TX 77840
The deadline for completing your grant and submitting the paperwork is May 1, 2021.
Final Report forms will be made available through this site and should be filed as soon as your project is completed.  
Reporting forms will be posted after selections are announced.
For information about submitting a grant report, contact Bobby Chapman.
1 September 2020 - Grant Requests for 2020-21 due 
1 May 2021 - Project reports due

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