RLI Recommended Curriculum

RLI recommends a curriculum and provides all outlines, etc. to all its divisions. The curriculum has been continually revised and upgraded over the years. Because of the growth of RLI, it is expected that major revisions will be recommended every three years in order to give divisions a sufficient opportunity to orient their faculty members and to provide translations where necessary. All important changes of R.I. or the Foundation are provided annually to all divisions. All curriculum materials and all available translations are posted on the RLI materials website available to all members.

The RLI Curriculum Committee meets annually and all divisions are requested to provide suggestions for revision and improvement based on their own experiences. Any division may send representatives to the meetings of the Curriculum Committee.

The current recommended curriculum for 2018-2022 has the following course sessions:


PART I    
  • Insights Into Leadership
  • My Rotary World
  • Ethics-Vocation Service
  • Foundation I: Our Foundation
  • Engaging Members
  • Creating Service Projects
  • Strategic Planning & Analysis
  • Attracting Members
  • Club Communication
  • Team Building
  • Foundation II: Targeted Service
  • Rotary Opportunities
  • Effective Leadership Strategies
  • Foundation III: International Service
  • Public Image & Public Relations
  • Building A Stronger Club
  • Making A Difference