Comments on the recent District Membership, Foundation, and Public Image Seminar in Galveston:
  Excellent seminar!  I really enjoyed the media panel.
Exceptional training!
 I like the 3 topics together. Keep this format.
This was extremely helpful and I look forward to using the online resources.
Panel discussion was terrific!
I loved the mix of breakout sessions and general sessions.

Sincere thanks to the people in our district and Rotarians beyond our district who worked so hard to make this seminar meaningful, empowering, and energizing:
Speakers from beyond our District
Art Zeitler, Regional Rotary Foundation Coordinator (Corpus Christi)
Terry Ziegler, Assistant Regional Rotary Foundation Coordinator (Houston)
Suzi Howe, Past Regional Rotary Foundation Coordinator; incoming Endowment and Major Gifts Officer (Houston)
Lisa Faith Massey, Assistant Regional Rotary Coordinator
Speakers/presenters from our District
Bunny Pratt, District Public Image Chair
Demetress Harrell, District Membership Chair
Rhonda Herrington, District Foundation Chair
Chuck Mason, District Global Grants Chair
Rebekah Maxwell, social media training
Ernestine Belt, Jacque Chapman, and Debra Poindexter, secretary training
Chris Busch, club treasurer training
Media panel
Representatives of newspaper, radio, television, and social media discussed tips for how to work with the media to get your club activities covered
Also, thanks to the District Training Committee for their excellent work organizing and presenting the seminar.  We plan to gather the presenters’ materials where possible and post them on the district website for the benefit of members who couldn’t attend.
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