Have you wondered what Santa Claus would look like without a beard? Now you have a chance to find out.
Your District Governor, who stands in for the jolly old elf each Christmas, has agreed to have his beard shaved off at the 2019 District Conference next April if contributions from Clubs and individuals in the District to the Polio Plus campaign equal or exceed $167,000 by that time.  And we are almost there!
With a local match of dollar-for-dollar (up to $175,000) and the Bill and Melinda Gates two-for-one match, a contribution in that amount will result in $1,000,000 being raised to continue our effort to eradicate Polio!  D5910 will be a "MILLION-DOLLAR DISTRICT" IN THE EFFORT TO ERADICATE POLIO!
Please understand that this is not a request to transfer your contributions to the Rotary Foundation from the Annual Fund to Polio Plus as we still need to meet our future obligations to other Rotary charitable activities such as District and Global Grants and Global Scholarships.

Watch the fundraising thermometer to see how close the shave might be!  


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