District 5910
Demetress Harrell – District Governor
“The Year to “Imagine Rotary”
As we all embark upon this new year to “Imagine Rotary”, I first want to extend a warm congratulations to PDG Jerry & his lovely wife Roschelle Springfield for their commitment to an impressive year.  I am honored to serve as your 2022-2023 District Governor under the direction of our first female and newly appointed Rotary International President Jennifer Jones.  RI President Jennifer has been a generous friend for many years to District 5910 and we want make her proud. 
Today July 1, 2022, we celebrate the newly appointed leadership among our 40 clubs and embrace the magnificent opportunities that awaits us.  This year we are set to be empowered by the actions of our clubs and assure the unwavering participation of our more than 2,095 members. 
I want you to know that I am excited to share this journey with you and I look forward to visiting your Clubs and observing your investment in your communities.  I joined Rotary in 1998 under the leadership of the late PDG Joe Byrd, and immediately gained a strong passion for Rotary which continues to inspire my commitment to service.  We have forty exceptional Club President’s who will help lead the success of our District and carry the charge for the course of our 12 months together.  I believe we will grow membership, cultivate a vibrant public image and exceed our Foundation goals in giving.  The rich legacy of District 5910 reflects the impeccable labor of love from our friends, the esteemed ‘College of Governors” who continue to support our work. 
Finally, I know that this humbling experience would not be made possible without the love and devotion of my husband Demetrius. We are truly fortunate to live and be a part of this great District.  Let’s set to “Imagine Rotary” beyond our deepest imagination, together we will impact the world.  I express my sincerest gratitude and can’t wait to share in your company as your District Governor.
Demetress Harrell – District Governor