Posted on Feb 01, 2021
5910 Rotarians,
We may be in the midst of a global pandemic but Rotary 5910 is still going strong by serving our communities, raising funds to support those activities, and continuing to meet – not in the usual ways but adapted to the health guidelines.
Some clubs are finding ways to support their communities’ COVID vaccination efforts including promotion of local efforts, volunteering for non-medical support activities at vaccination sites (helping with paperwork, monitoring people after they get their shot, etc.), and posting pictures of themselves getting their vaccination to encourage others.
In other pandemic-related news, RI President Holger Knaack announced that the Taipei, Taiwan convention scheduled for June will be virtual. Like so many other events that have been moved to a virtual format, we are disappointed that we can’t meet in person, but it will allow more people to participate since it won’t involve expensive travel. The 2022 International convention will be in Houston, and we plan to assist them since we are their neighbors. I hope that many of our members will be able to attend....
An exciting development for our district is that we are in the process of forming a new type of club – an EClub! Members can be from literally anywhere in the world because all meetings will be virtual. Many other Rotary districts are forming EClubs, and they are proving to appeal to a wide variety of people – people who can’t get away from work to attend a meeting in person, former members who dropped out because of the expense, or those with scheduling conflicts. Service projects will be non-traditional as well.
Be sure to read the article about the new club to get a better understanding. The people on the membership subcommittee who did the research did a thorough job of surveying former members and designing this club to hopefully re-engage them. Think about people you know who either dropped out of your club or are possibly considering resigning. They might be interested in checking it out.
This year’s virtual mid-year meeting will be Thursday, Feb. 11 from 6:00 – 7:30. See the notice with more information and the registration link in a separate article.
Lone Star PETS – February 22 – 28 - will also be virtual. Cub presidents-elect and presidents-nominee (will be president in 2022-23) along with assistant governors are strongly encouraged to participate. For more information, go to
The district conference will be very different this year. It is scheduled for late April, and the conference planning committee is developing some innovative ways to make the virtual conference interesting and compelling. Stay tuned for more details.
In Rotary Service,
Becky Mason
2020-21 Governor