District Training Assembly Sessions Are Well Received
Our first ever virtual district training assembly sessions have been going quite well.  The feedback has been very positive – once we got past the initial hesitation and resistance to online engagement.
Special thanks to all of our facilitators who have put in an incredible amount of time and preparation to make the sessions informative and meaningful!
The remaining sessions are still open if you’d like to register.  Click the link below each session to register.
Tuesday, June 2—Membership   7:00 pm to 9: 00 pm
Facilitator District 5910 Membership Chairman Bunny Pratt
 Recommended for Membership Chairs, President Elects/Nominees
Wednesday, June 3—Rotary Club Central   7:00 pm to 9: 00 pm
Facilitator PDG Doris Lockey
Recommended for President Elects/Nominees, Secretaries, Public Image Coordinators
Thursday, June 4—Foundation    7:00 pm to 9: 00 pm
Facilitators PDG Rhonda Herrington and her Foundation Team plus Special Guests
Recommended for President Elects/Nominees, Club Treasurers, Program Chairs, Foundation Chairs
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