Have you applied for Disaster Relief Foundation Funds?
The District 5910 Foundation and RI Foundation Donor Advised Fund have money available for Hurricane Harvey Relief Grants. Get your applications in as soon as possible.
The District Disaster Relief Foundation Fund Committee is currently accepting applications from Rotary Clubs in our District to aide in Hurricane Harvey relief.  Applications are reviewed and a response is returned within 10 days. Please be sure to review the criteria. Please submit your application via email to Amy Killgore at amy.killgore@gmail.com.
Information and forms here:
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Money is still available in the RI Donor Advised Fund as well as the District Foundation for Harvey Relief, so please fill out a Harvey  grant application and submit it.  Money sitting in the bank is not doing people in need any good and we need to put it to work where it is needed. 
Clubs which have received grant funds in the past from the District grant funds or the RI funds need to let Hugh Summers know how funds they received have been used as well as how pictures will be displayed in the House of Friendship at the upcoming District 5910 Conference in Palestine on April 27-29, 2018.  Clubs can either put the information in the Disaster Relief booth and it can be posted at the club booth.  Clubs which plan to have a poster with the report and pictures, Velcro display boards will be available in the Disaster Relief booth.  Please notify Hugh Summers so the proper space can be allocated.
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