RI Council on Resolutions – Recent 2019 Voting Results
Posted by: PDG Ulli Budelmann - District 5910 Representative and Member of the RI Council on Legislation 2014-2020
Rotary Clubs, Districts, the RI Board, and the General Council or Conference of RIBI (Rotary International in Great Britain and Ireland) can propose Enactments to the Council on Legislation and Resolutions to the Council on Resolutions.  Enactments seek to change RI’s constitutional documents (that is, the RI Constitution, the RI Bylaws, and the Standard Rotary Club Bylaws), whereas Resolutions are requests of the RI Board that do not change RI’s constitutional documents.
The Council on Legislation is the legislative body of Rotary International that has the authority to amend RI’s constitutional documents. The Council meets every three years in Chicago to discuss and vote on proposed enactments. The voting results are binding to RI.  The Council on Resolutions (consisting of all members of the Council on Legislation) meets each year on-line to vote on proposed resolutions. Adopted resolutions are non-binding “recommendations” to the RI Board of Directors.
Recently the Council on Resolutions voted on 33 proposed resolutions, of which 7 were adopted and 26 rejected. Please click ► here  ◄ i f you are interested in the proposed resolutions and the voting results.
If you have any questions, or would like more information about the recent resolutions, please contact PDG Ulli Budelmann at budelmann5910@comcast.net