5910 Rotarians,
Hopefully, you and your family found meaningful ways to celebrate the holiday season this year while still keeping everyone in your families, your clubs, and your communities safe.  It’s an ongoing challenge in a multitude of ways. 
Please send your assistant governor any updates on what your club has been doing and is planning for the new year to adapt your meetings, your service projects, and your fellowship activities within the current health guidelines.  And as the COVID-19 vaccine begins to roll out, how can your club be involved in encouraging your members and your community at large to be vaccinated when their time comes?
Thanks to Rotary’s experience with the polio eradication campaign, we are natural leaders in this effort.  Brainstorm with your members and talk to healthcare leaders in your area to see if there is a role you could play, and share your ideas with us all!  And be sure to post your activities on FaceBook.  If you’ll send me a friend request and tag me when you post something, we can share it on the district Facebook page.
This effort is just beginning, and we hope to have some visuals or articles that we can use as we go forward.  
There is a movement within the district governors in the seven districts in Texas to be able to say that Rotary in Texas promotes and encourages everyone to be vaccinated.  Will you join me and the other clubs in our district and around Texas?  Remember that we are #People of Action!
As we work our way through this crisis, keep in mind that isolation is a major issue for many people right now.  The article below talks about ways we can counteract the effects of isolation during the COVID-19 pandemic while keeping everyone safe:
Wishing you a healthy, happy, and service-filled 2021,